Friday, May 16, 2008


Hey there! Welcome to a new outlook for A Shopaholic's Den. Firstly I would like to thank you all for your comments, visits and help on making this successful and updated with what's going on out there (though I tend to miss out some here and there. My bad! Am working on improving everyday!) Never expected such an impact and I'm glad I can be of help in some way or another.

I hope you all like the new outlook. It's less cramped now and the pictures are easier to see without me resizing it and all. Do leave me comments of your feedback with regards to the design, updates or just about anything! I do apologise for the change in address, so sorry! The old blog will still be there but updates will commence here henceforth.

I added Nuffnang as advised by many. But nevertheless, I'm doing this out of fun and passion and just to be updated with what's going on. Hope to have this bloggie grow along with all of you!



Your sister in shopping


tictactoe :) said...

Keep up the good work :)!!!

heartxrecycled said...

welcome to blogspot hun :]

White Label Closet said...

Great Job babe =)
can we have your email??

Your sister in shopping said...

Tictactoe: Thanks babe! *giggles* All the best to you too!

Heartxrecycled: Welcome to the new outlook for A Shopaholic's Den! Hope you're liking it! *winks*

White Label: I have mailed ya with my email! And thanks a bunch!

Style Factor said...

Awesome webbie! Makes things really easy for us online shoppers :D

PS : Linked you sweetie ;)