Monday, June 30, 2008

I am blogging because I am still awake

Usually I would have retired for a good night's rest but silly me forgot something and well, it's an important something that is why I am still awake. Despite being frustrated over many reasons, I totally laughed, er, giggled, anyhow it made my night/morning? when I saw the updates! Totally creative dot com, can? Have a look see!

SPOTTED: Milky Cottage

If you thought their previous way of displaying 'em clothes were awesome, hah! Check this round out babes!

Stripes halter dress for you this is. And not only that, check out the hemlines. Something totally different, no? *grins* plus you have to give 'em the credit with not only coming up with good clothes but also uber adorable names for 'em clothes! *grins*

As if stripes aren't enough to make us go nuts, now she brought in checks too! This babe sure knows what we shopaholics love best, no? *winks* plus, check out the Minnie ears! *giggles* now you know why I was giggling? Still am for the matter

Don't just go for dresses babes! Try a shirt! It's striped too. Dress like a boy, inject with some femininity with 'em cincher and a mini skirt or shorts! Now who says shirts aren't sexy? If they make men look good, we ladies sure can find a way to make 'em look good on us too, no? *winks*

Wanna see more awesome goodies and shots of uber spontaneous yet utterly out of this world never seen before in other e-shops? Then you better head over there already! Woot!


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