Monday, June 30, 2008

Sexy-licious in so many ways

What comes to mind when you see a title like that? *winks*

Satin tube top?

SPOTTED: Oh-so-wonderful fashion heaven

Gold, pink or black? What other colours could be more gorgeous than that?! *grins* And yes, it's ever so versatile too! Wear it as a tube or a halter top and party the night away already babes!

SPOTTED: Clothesbucket

They brought in something absolutely sexylicious too! *grins* Like that little sexy feature? Me too! I so like think its fantabulous-ly sexy! More to accentuate those curves baby! Like why wouldn't you wanna wear it again?

SPOTTED: Fabulousity Boulevard

Now being sexy isn't always about showing skin, can? Try the ever so popular pencil skirt for that chic in control look alright! *grins* Totally the thing to get people's attention snapped towards you when you're walking down that aisle!


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