Saturday, July 19, 2008

Accessories! Yay!

True to their word, they brought in more!

SPOTTED: Piercedart

Butterfly fans, now you can have a butterfly belly ring that is hand painted and flown all the way from the States! *grins* Not only you can say how big a butterfly fan you are but now you can wear it proud where no one else would have the same piece as you! Be unique! Wear that midriff and show it off already! Like seeing this makes me so wanna get a belly piercing too! So pretty!

SPOTTED: Diary of a Miniature Enthusiast

Named the "Love Potion, this necklace here sure does speak the words of love, expresses in a simple design. You know how they say a picture speaks a thousand words? Sometimes it's not just pictures that do the trick, a simple piece of jewellery; a momento can send the very same message too!


Your sister in shopping


wendy said...

Thanks for featuring again! *muaksss*

Your sister in shopping said...

Wendy: You're welcome babe! *grins*