Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am running on Energizer baby! Woot!
Don't mind me. I'm all tired and pooped by hyper! *grins* You must be thinking I'm whacked in the head *sticks tongue out*

SPOTTED: Ancient Orchids

And they brought in even more off shoulder goodies! Woot! Ohh.. ohh.. it comes with a matching colour sash too! And you know you can play around with it, no? Like at the front, side, back, or heck, wear it as a headband if you must! *giggles*

SPOTTED: Pony Tales

OMG, like what a cute name, can? *grins* and they have cute items for sale too! Like check it out! This polka dotted top here? Like so retro, can? And.. not only that its going for such an irresistible price you really wouldn't believe it! *grins* So who says polka dots are out?

SPOTTED: Closette

And what's this we have here? Another versatile bag? *grins* That's right babes! A shoulder bag and a sling all in one! And come on, don't always go for that black or white or tan colour, funk it up babes with a dash of purple and even blue! Woot!

SPOTTED: Triple Heart

Remember this?

Missed it?

Fret not! For now, they have brought in even more colours than ever before! Woot! Like check it out baby! It's a whole rainbow! *giggles* So, who says you can't have more than one? *winks*

SPOTTED: Joan Beads House

Oh my, what a sweet necklace can? *grins* Like totally dig the whole floral design! Ok, I'm going crazy with the floral now. Ooops! Aww.. it is summer season anyways, so join me! *grins* And grab this necklace too of course!

SPOTTED: Jujuwiwitata

Starry, starry night.. and I forgot how the song went! And yes, I love the song! And this top here? Or maybe even a mini dress for 'em petites, is sure to speak the words of the song alright! *grins* I love how it just splashes across it, no? So you shine like a star! *giggles*


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