Monday, July 28, 2008

The miracle bar?

Not bar, as in drinks bar. But bar as in facial soap bar!

Yup, you heard me right there. I know this is a little drift from the usual clothes and shoes and bags but hey, every girl gotta care for her complexion, no?

Check this out!

Eumora by eSABEE Biotika Sdn. Bhd.

A little excerpt from the company:

"The sensational moor facial bar, infused with Hydration microAlgae Factor (HmA) formulated and 100% imported from Europe. Suitable for everyday use and all skin types, Eumora simply cleans, actively tones and moisturizes skin for a brighter, refreshed result. Just add clean water to create a thick lather, apply gently onto skin, leave on for 2 minutes or more, rinse off with water."

Ooo.. sounds so simple, can?

Wanna know more about it? Let's hear from a personal testimony about it!

"I've been suffering for eczema for the last few years as a result of work stress. On top of that, my skin experienced break outs again as the ones I had during my teenage years. Over the years, I've spent a lot of money seeing dermatologist, skin specialist, going for facial treatments every 3 weeks

Recently, my fiancé was sharing my skin condition to his cousin when he was introduced this skincare product which is said to be a "miracle bar". Having nothing to lose, my fiancé bought one of the facial bars for me to try. The very next day itself, I could feel and see the difference.

For someone who has been eating and applying medicine for skin problems, I have to say I have found my solution. Truly a miracle bar =)"

So it not only works as a facial wash, but does wonders for sensitive skin as well! Awesome! So you do the calculation babes, spend lotsa moolah on facial treatments? Or spend a little on this miracle bar (AND you get to do it yourself!) and get more moolah to splash on clothes!!! *grins*

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Anonymous said...

i bought myself a eumora bar as well and today is my 3rd week, very depressing.. no effect at all. my skins getting dry and small bumps growing. redness still did not fade indeed worsen. Any advise? should i carry on using or quit?

Anonymous said...

Hi :-)

How often do you use it and did you use moisturiser after that?

Eumora Bar works very well with me, I used it everyday ONLY once a day and with a moisturiser after that. It tends to peel the skin as its making its process. But after that is fine. My spots and acne are gone and I have a smooth face.

It even has a slimming effects on the body. Amazing product!