Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

No, no. I ain't talking about the boutique down in Bnagsar, which has real awesome shoes, but you know, online! They've got a great selection too!

Come have a look-see!

SPOTTED: Ten Lady Toes

Now how many of you out there are fans of Toki Doki? *grins* I am! They are like oh-so-cute, can? *giggles* I mean like totally! I *heart* the designs! And now guess what? You can have them on your shoes!

Yes, Toki Doki on shoes! Hand painted too, mind you! *giggles* Now isn't that awesome? No need to go sobbing because that bag, or that shirt or that pair of shoes cost a bomb cuz now you can have 'em totally customised! Woot!

And... would you like to have some boots?

SPOTTED: Rebellion

Now how about that? slightly above the ankles, ok, maybe a little higher than that but nevertheless, looks awesome, no? Plus the little kitten heels on 'em? *winks* Only in one size too! Better grab 'em fast! We don't see much of these around alright! I'd say pait it up with 'em denim eh?


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