Sunday, July 13, 2008

So it makes this, supper munch?

Ok, I'm just plain hungry hence the food timing with the titles. Oops!

SPOTTED: Go gorgeous!

Are you into prints?

Then have a look-see at what they have updated themselves with! *grins* we have 'em leopard skin and some stripes that reminds me of a zebra only that its pink! Pink zebra? *giggles* well, you wanna stand out, then this piece may just fit the criteria babes!

SPOTTED: Rockstar Chic

Want a bf shirt without drowning in it or lose your sense of femininity? Well, this one might just be the answer to your question! The pockets and the button details all over it just adds on a dash of femininity into this bf shirt alright. Plus, pair it with skinny or leggings to make it uber chic for you! If you're looking for shirts, then this is the place to be!


Your sister in shopping

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