Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SPOTTED: Closette

This babe here sure is hard working alright. We see her update like ever so often and with so many goodies too! Like this one here? It is like oh-so-sexy, can? *grins* Totally love the colour! And wait till you check out the sexy back on this one too! You'll fall head over heels for it alright!

SPOTTED: Branded Items Spree

They gave us shoes and then now they are bringing in more bags! Woot! And this time from BIBU BIBU. This canvas checkered bag is oh so gorgeous and versatile too of course, with its design and colour. Plus, the size? Just nice to fit in what we need!

SPOTTED: Oh Popsicles!

And so she is back with more than before! Lotsa goodies for us that is *giggles* And speaking of two toned dresses, here we have something different! Only the bow of the dress is in a different colour and yes, it does look good doesn't it? *grins*


Your sister in shopping

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