Monday, July 28, 2008

SPOTTED: Creme Brulee

Another piece that is Japanese inspired. Ahh.. sweet. Personally I am a huge fan of Japanese inspired goodies and when the whole kimono range came out? I went insane with happiness! *grins* And this one here? Is just another gorgeous piece of that theme! Woot! The gathers and folds, even at the cute cap sleeves! *giggles* So cute, can? Hurry and place your order before it's too late!

SPOTTED: The Bouncing Bananas

Hey look, we got more quilted clutches/wristlets! *grins* And ohh.. they even got a black and white one? That's like so retro can? and.. this little baby here comes with two compartments as wel for your ease in organizing your cash and the like. So what are you waiting for?!

SPOTTED: Wears and What Nots

Ok, let's end this post with something short! That's right, we got 'em shorts! *giggles* And they even come with two times the belt! And.. a sexy little "V" cut at the back for emphasis *grins* Now that's what we call hot shorts, no? *winks*


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