Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh my, what a massive lot of updates! And check this knitted piece out (been lots of them around lately too). Like so uber feminine, can? Wear it as a mini dress for that gorgeous look or pair it with some hot shorts for the taller babes!

SPOTTED: Pixie.Closet

Ahh.. another new one. Wait, the currency is in SGD?! Patience babes, they are based in Singapore but they deliver down to Malaysia on a monthly basis! Now how cool is that? We can even get stocks from abroad now!

And you have to check out this awesome dress. Complete with a row of buttons at the front and at the side, this cheongsam-look-alike dress is sure to flatter the figure alright! *winks*

SPOTTED: 10 things I love about me

Ah.. was wondering where they went to for a while. And they're back now with more goodies! *giggles* Of puffy sleeves and eyelets, this dress is one princessy dress alright. Especially when the top half is made of satin in black whilst the lower half in grey, making it a dual toned dress with an edge!

SPOTTED: Luscious Lips

Want some shades babes? There you have 'em. Even more choices than before! *grins* And I totally dig the ones with the white frames can? *grins*


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