Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Ok I know I mention that I'm gonna take a week long break due to exams kinda thing but then I had so many emails, and i didn't really make a notice about the break, I felt bad and well.. here they are!

SPOTTED: .Stop.Shop.Splurge.

Hey look, they're back with more! And looks like they don't just carry casual wear, but they've got semi casual attires as well! Check out the cropped jacket! Like so uber biker chick style! Woot! ok, not superbly biker chic, but you get my drift! Go check out what else is in store from them!

SPOTTED: Sensual Seductionz

Something good for work and play. Something sexy without breaking the dress code in the office place. Something playful that is good to match with your shopping and outings. Something like this, how can you not resist? *grins*

SPOTTED: Creme Brulee

Another striped halter pieces babes! If you missed out on those uber colourful stripes tops not too long ago, then you might just wanna take a look at these! They look just as good if not better. Don't miss out now babes!

SPOTTED: A Lollipop Shop

Look! It's another high waisted skirt! Like this is so the hit item, no? Everyone wants a piece of it! Doesn't matter the colour or design, we just want it bad! Woot! Now here is your chance to grab it before it's gone again! Hurry ladies!

Here we have another vintage piece babes! Like, vintage never gets out of style. In fact, it actually seems to be in the in thing more than anything else! *grins* Like hey, better don't get rid of 'em just yet when they're all making a comeback!


Oh babes! What skirts are the sexiest? Besides the mini. Why, a pencil skirt of course! They totally just fall in to fit your figure, can? And what more a mini pencil skirt! Like get it before they're gone alright! Hurry!


Your sister in shopping

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Iqa Rasol said...

the high waisted skirt is so much is it??