Sunday, July 13, 2008

What is new today?

SPOTTED: The Closette

Like you can't get enough of 'em suspenders alright. And the whole high waisted shorts look to go along with it too! *grins* It's smart looking, it's chich and definitely affordable for the trendy look that we are all eyeing for! Woot!

SPOTTED: Trendy Confessions

Looking for a tote? One that is funky-licious enough to carry to work/uni and even on your outing days? Check this one out. With 'em floral designs meshed together all in one, plus the size that fits even A4 goodies, this is one bag you really wanna get your hands on!

SPOTTED: Girlie Boutique

Striped clothes we have seen a fair share. Now how about a striped bag instead? One that is of the summer colours, just nice to brighten up your day! Plus it's from Gin & Jacqie, a Malaysian designer! Woot! If I'm not wrong you can totally find their goodies retailing in Isetan and such!

More pinafores? Try a shade of green this time. with 'em uber huge buttons that are uber cute and also the polka dots all over on the lower part of the pinafore! Wear it alone or match it with 'em puffy sleeved top! Anything goes babes!

SPOTTED: Petite Treasures

And they bring you more Gingham goodies alright! No, it doesn't stop there of course. There are also the ruffles and the buttons. Like so country style babes! And I'd say, sexy too, no? *winks* so many colours to choose from too! hurry get yours now!

SPOTTED: Dressierre

Another newbie? Oh yes! And they bring you this uber sweet top! Off shoulders and a scarf together all in one set. Aww.. not that's a fab package can?! *giggles* Sure is. baring the shoulders for your sexy factor eyt covering up with a scarf. Ahh.. brilliant!

Oh there is more from where that came from alright!


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