Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2 dresses and 2 pairs of shoes

Do check out the comments for the post reader's stories for more personal accounts of misfortunes encountered during e-shoppping!


SPOTTED: Oh, Popsicles!

Look who else brought in wedges! *grins* They are oh-so-fierce and yummy-licious can? Sporting a 3.5 inch heel, this is sure the thing to hit the streets with alright. You will not only look so sexy in this but feel that way too *winks* Ok, if heights really ain't your thing, they got 'em flatties too!

SPOTTED: My Shopping Sprees

We had 'em butterfly sleeves and we also have 'em batwing sleeves. Funny how we name our clothes nowadays, no? *grins* But, this one here is really gorgeous! It's satin that's why. Ooo.. loving it already! Don't you?! *winks*

SPOTTED: Uber Love by Miss Lyana

I realised they always manage to find real gorgeous block colour dresses! Like this one here. A darker shade for the empire waistline, and lighter shades to promote your other curves! Beautifully matched alright. Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Shoessaholic!

Ok, ok, something other than the gladiators for a bit alright. So here we have some flats that aer hippie styled. With the fringe and all, this pair sure does! Fit the look! *grins* looks like fringe may be the next thing? didn't we just see a pair of glads with fringe the other day?


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