Friday, August 22, 2008

Colour blocks

SPOTTED: Velvet Ribbon

Something like this reminds me of Lego, I don't know why! But hey, you have to agree with me it looks good and it is versatile! This can be your next favourite tube top or favourite skirt too! Don't we all love a versatile piece already? *winks* Especially in bright happy colours as these!

SPOTTED: Tick Tock 365

Have you only got plain denim or khaki shorts? Hey, why not inject some colour into them! They brought you a whole palette of colours can? From your simple black and white to pink, purple and even turquoise! Fancy having turquoise coloured shorts! Woot!

SPOTTED: Myra's Online Boutique

If it isn't another puffy sleeved mini dress! Well, mini dress for me cuz I ain't very tall, but definitely a long top for the taller babes, no? Love the basic colours to this one here, a good match with leggings and cinchers! Cheers for always bringing such affordable goodies!

SPOTTED: Candy Colour

Happy bright and sunny yellow! Nothing like a simple dress with crossback too! Ooo.. how adorable! *giggles* Totally love the colour and all simplicity along with it too! Plus, who doesn't like empire waisted dress, right? *winks*

SPOTTED: My Shopping Sprees

Hey, we even got blouses in block colours! Yay! This one not only has puffy sleeves but also has got pockets! Tee-hee. How uber cute is that? Plus, the belt? Yea, totally included already! Slims down the arms and waist this one!

SPOTTED: Katzi Couture

Ahh.. the shade of the fall season in a sexy low V-neckline dress! Woot! And that ain't just any dress alright, it's a mini dress! Pair it with a cincher to enhance that waist already! Ooo.. it's so sexy despite it being a basic colour dress!


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