Sunday, August 24, 2008

A couple of words to all..

Dear babes,

Apologies for the many unreplied e-mails. I thank you for informing me about the presence of the new e-shops and updates. If you did not receive a reply, I am so sorry. I think I have like erm, a few hundred unread emails and I'm still sorting through. And for those which have e-mailed me and I have not featured, eeks, do mail me again? Sorry huns!

And, just a little note. I don't review lingerie and pre-loved/pre-owned items. Which includes brand new goodies bought but do not fit etc yea. Thanks

Oh, and for new readers, the links are available above each picture. They are in blue. Check the shops out for more info. And erm, I usually don't remember the price. So sorry!

Very messy, I know. Am sorting things out!


Your sister in shopping

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