Wednesday, August 6, 2008

OMG, suddenly they flood in like a tide!

They too have joined the bandwagon with all things floral for you! This halter Hawaiian dress here is definitely the steal of the day, no? It looks awesome for those days where you just wanna have a walk along the beach, the gentle breeze blowing at you, ahh.. bliss. Plus, it's definitely gonna look awesome paired with that bikini set alright *winks*

SPOTTED: Pandora Gallery & Boutique

This awesome satin top? In this awesome shade of electric blue? Their hottest selling item of the month alright. They only got two pieces left now, so you better hurry to get yours before you miss out on 'em! Oh, they have got so much updates this round it went over to the 2nd page!

SPOTTED: Ancient Orchids

Yet another with 'em truckloads of updates! I shall give you a teaser, ok? Tee-hee. This dress here is nothing short of classy and elegance with a tinge of chic factor into it adding on 'em embellishments *grins* and the colour is definitely stunning. Add on an obi belt (which they have for sale fo course) to accentuate that waist line already!

SPOTTED: Dolly Sins

Look who else is back with more pinafore goodies! Here is a pinstriped one, where you can wear with the straps or do without to make it a high waisted skirt! Plus, they got this uber cute sash at the back for you to add on too! *squeals!* ohh, they even got one in gingham!

SPOTTED: Tick Tock 365

Who likes 'em mandarin collars? *giggles* that's right, another mandarin collar dress is here with 'em rings design too! And there seems to be more of these collars coming up, no? I reckon it's because they add a couple of inches to our height, can? *winks*


A little stray off the clothes bit now and lets have a look at a bag. Haven't seen one for a while! Here we have a white bag! And look, a cute little heart lock to it too *giggles* comes along with many compartments to store all your necessary goodies as well as an extra strap for you to make it into a sling! Woot!


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