Thursday, August 14, 2008

A post of everything

Well, well, guess what we have?

SPOTTED: Squarishdot

Even more pixel art goodies! Like hey, everyone is doing them now? *giggles* It reminds me so much of Lego, can? have some colourful bricks and let your imagination run wild! Except now, you get to do it with beads! Woot! Awesome! Relive those childhood days alright *winks*

SPOTTED: Maybellycia

How about some whitening conditioning masks? Ahh... we don't see much beauty products online do we? Or am I just missing out on 'em? Anyhow, they have got a range for you from masks to makeup and the lot! Check 'em out for more!

SPOTTED: Doggy Duty Boutique

Fancy another bikini? If you love butterflies and pink is so your middle name, then hey grab this before it's gone alright! You definitely don't wanna miss out on this cute pair here! And they don't come along often too!

SPOTTED: Absolutely Dress[ed] Gallery

Ooo.. what a cute pinafore, can? Comes with a side zip and side pocket as well! Fancy another pinafore then make this yours! Ohh.. and the bag? Yes, you're right. It is so for sale too! A coach inspired one, if you didn't already guessed that


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