Saturday, August 23, 2008

SHOES! I know you want ‘em *winks*

More gladiator flats! Woot! In subtle shades that don't scream check me out! But the design definitely does alright. Tee-hee. Non-restockable so babes, if you want a pair, better hurry yo!

SPOTTED: Shoessaholics!

Want something pink? *winks*

Here you have 'em. Peep toe wedges in bright Barbie pink! Woot! Like, OMG! 4 inch high wedges? Ooo.. we're gonna so love walking in there alright. The extra height, the colour and oh, what else do we not love about it already?! Plus, they're only retailing at RM 69 a pair!

SPOTTED: Stitch Project

Oh yes, they are fierce alright! Calf length gladiator wedges this one is! Definitely so Xena the Warrior Princess style. And you know what? You should like so pair it with a toga mini dress with this one here! Ooo.. I can so imagine the look already!

SPOTTED: Buckle Buckle

Ok, so many height ain't your thing when it comes to shoes, but you rather prefer flats?

Well, they got it settled for you with a pair of gladiator flats! Like your normal average flip flops only this time they are gladiator style! Rawr! *giggles* ok, ok, they aren't that fierce looking, much simpler and more casual that you can wear a pair to many outings!

SPOTTED: Shopaholics Unite!

Tee-hee. They even got glads in pink! Woot! That's like really awesome can? The length of the shoes totally make up for the lack of the heels on this on here. But hey, it's a pair of pink glads can? Get 'em already!!

Psst! There's a party tomorrow too! So cancel whatever's necessary and hop on over to feast your eyes on those awesome clothes!


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