Tuesday, August 5, 2008

SPOTTED: E-shoptalk

More gladiators? Oh my! And we were so afraid they all went out of stock, no? *grins* Definitely not! Tee-hee. These are bigger, better and oh-so-warrior-like, can? dare you wear 'em? *winks* Don't be shy now babes *giggles*

SPOTTED: Wearever U Like!

Flaunt those sexy shoulders with this one. And they even got little beads on 'em straps too! *grins* How fab is that? I think that's a totally sweet gesture, can? *winks* It's like even your clothes are wearing accessories already!

SPOTTED: Hello Fashionistas

Would you like some bags inspired by the big brands? This one here is inspired by none other than Dior! OMG, like so alike can? Plus the whole quilted look is totally the "IN" thing now. So you better get yours before they all belong to someone else!

SPOTTED: Soak Republic

Oh, they have been such a teaser! Releasing a brand new goodie every day! Now they go back old school style, a sling bag! I know handbags and clutches we all have a plentiful, but sling bags? You have gotta love 'em! They don't get in your way, they carry all your stuff and they actually look cool ya know. What more with some old school designs, eh? *winks*


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