Friday, August 15, 2008

SPOTTED: Fabulousity Boulevard

Now you do know block colours are like here to stay, no? Yup, simple plain block colours even though its monochromatic! And hey you know what, it'll definitely go with that white baby tee you got and that necklace that's been calling your name longingly, "Wear me out.." *grins*

SPOTTED: Cool Sisters Closet

Have a go at this denim pinafore already! It's cute and denim is like so versatile, can? *winks* And not only that, you can funk it up or go plain, anything is a good match, with denim, no? *grins* and.. it comes with this sash too, tie it at the front, the back, the side and you know what? It still looks uber cute!

SPOTTED: The Shoplifters

Ok, these are like one day late because they were meant for DIY Thursday, not Friday but oh well, still updates la... and they're DIY of course, fabric bangles!! Jazz it up with 'em zebra stripes or with checks or even snazzy lines! Ohh.. of course this ain't everything they have, go check 'em out for more!

Ok, let's try something a little different here alright?

SPOTTED: Purple Collection

A tad bit too early for Christmas cards now but you gotta have a look at 'em! They're super adorable, can? *grins* And you know what I think they look better than the ones we see in the shops and definitely cost way less too! and the best part is, you can customise them!

SPOTTED: Paper Bar

Another one! Ok, based in Singapore AND Malaysia so we get to enjoy these goodies too! Tee-hee. And isn't that an adorable scrapbook? And you got it right, you can customise your own as well! Woot! Make something memorable, fill it with words so that hey, you get the both out of action and words!


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