Saturday, August 30, 2008

SPOTTED: Glitter Dressing *Newbie*

They sure got a lot of tees there alright. Here's one with a poo-dee-kat. Well, it would be more appropriate to call it a little princess kitten, being oh-so-cute and all. But this is just one of the many many tees she's got in store for you. So check out what else is in!

SPOTTED: Marshmallow

She's back! Was thinking she went missing again but nope. And this dress here is really sweet, not only is it floral but there are lace details at the neckline too. So sweet can? Though summer is like over, but hey, this one here will do for any season


Another halter/tube dress that leaves you to experiment with how to wear it. The halter sash can be removed so you can leave it to be a tube dress, or just play around with the sash and come up with new ways of wearing it. You never know what you might just discover *winks*


Your sister in shopping

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