Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another maxi dress?! *grins* That's right babes, this time with sleeves ala kimono inspired! In simple plain colours, leaving the dark colours and the length of the dress to elongate and slim down that sexy figure of yours

SPOTTED: Oozora.tang

Ahh.. if it's not another traditional piece. The cheongsam. Upon close inspection you would notice that this piece here is full of tiny little polka dots! *giggles* Just a simple laid back piece that you don't need require an occasion to be wearing it out!


Another pussy bow shirt! And I'd say this one has got some funky retro style to it too with the colours and the designs in the middle like that, no? Tee-hee. Definitely something to jazz up the workplace especially on Mondays!

SPOTTED: Petite Treasures

Go floral baby with even more dresses like these! The simple sundresses that are colourful, bright and nevertheless perfect for the weather condition that we face every day!

Looks like its not only the high waisted skirts that are in demand, so are the shorts! Sporting a little bow at the front of this one here, it's almost like wearing a cincher already, can? Tee-hee


Have a go at more polka dots with this halter dress here! Perfect for those white and black themed parties or even when the occasion calls for a retro polka dotted style! You definitely won't feel out of place in this one here!


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