Monday, August 4, 2008

OMG, AMS went wild with 'em updates, again! *grins* SO many you're gonna keep scrolling till like forever with this one! So I shall not spoil it for you and just give you a sneak peek, k?

Femininity is your middle name? Then go for this uber gorgeous crochet piece. The details are all over the neckline for that awesome girly girl demure look. Plus, the little ruffles at the sleeves? Awesome! And what more, a piece that is good for work and play too! Love it? Own it!

Or are you an off shoulder kinda girl? They have brought in more for you of course! And if I'm not mistaken, everytime they bring some in, they sell off like hot cakes! Ooo..and there is even a little bird there to give it a little extra edge! Tee-hee

This is just a teaser, really. There are so much more you have to go check it out yourself!

And their accessories site? Check it out tomorrow!


Love that whole high waisted skirt, pinafore look? Well, here you have it again! And guess what? This is a one piece dress where the top and the skirt are attached together! Woot! Now, we can do the look without having to scout for the right pieces to match it, can? *winks*

Plus, you so gotta have a look at this dress. The sweet babydoll look, especially the one in salmon pink (oh, I adore salmon pink!) and then wait till you check out the sexy back! oh yes, not only is it crossed at the back, it is braided too! Awesome!

SPOTTED: Dainty Dresser

Oh, she brought in 'em bikinis too! Whether you want stars or stripes to go with yours, she has got 'em! And of course there are many more other designs from where that came from *winks*

And you better watch out for her site. She has so much more goodies in store for you, you sure don't wanna miss 'em out! Don't say I didn't warn ya now *winks*


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