Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My, my, if it isn't another mod dress! Or shift dress? I really am not familiar with the terms here, but hey, this one sure looks dazzling. Especially with the little extra line there to focus on the waist, this can be your next LBD!


Ahh.. this must be one of the many firsts for a ¾ sleeve top that is striped in funky colours! We got so used to seeing the usual black, white and grey it's about time we have something like this to liven up things a bit! Woot!

SPOTTED: A Model Studio

And they're back! and for those who are looking for long cardis/hoodies, here's one for you! And I always liked this shade of grey, it looks so comfy already, what more for a cardi/hoodie? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: The Shoplifters

It's the time of the week again for another auction babes! More vintage goodies for y'all ladies! Ooo.. I see another piece in light salmon! This has got to be the sweetest colour yet, what more for a vintage dress, can? And.. the dress if double lined even though it isn't sheer! Start bidding for it already!

SPOTTED: Dainty Dresser

Embroidery is definitely the new design to carry round nowadays, no? Instead of the usual designs on the hem, this one is at the bust area. That's something new for a change, and a good change too! makes you look so dainty already!

SPOTTED: Amber Closet

Looking for a simple halter piece? And that comes with a fab price? Then here's one for you. Just in simple basic tones for versatility and at the same time affordable! This is definitely the kinda bargains we look out for, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Superrolling

This off shoulder dress, or well NOT! Depends on how you wanna wear this one out really, and hey what awesome designs! Definitely taking a break from the usual polka dots and checks alright! This is one out of the four designs they've got. Check out for more!


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