Sunday, September 21, 2008

E-Shop of the Week: Doublewoot

SPOTTED: Doubelwoot

It's that time of the week again! My, does time fly or what?

So let's have a look see at their goodies, eh?

First off, their oh-so-famous multi coloured and multi prints maxi dresses! There are only like limited pieces left so babes if you want some, then, don't think twice on this one! Seriously, last pieces already!

Speaking of prints, they have got it toga style as well! Ahh.. awesome! In fact, they pretty much have dresses in every style possible, can? *winks*

And then, of course they have other goodies! Dual toned goodies with a taste of mod? Yes, they have got it for you as well. Check out that row of buttons already!

And then not to forget that kimono inspired colour block dress. Mm.. see even the clothes are going green with this one here *giggles* Fancy that! isn't it fab how they cater both maxi AND mini dresses? See more!

Like here, they have some sleeveless goodies, with that sexy V-neckline and even a tube dress with what's that?! part accessory part halter again? Ahh.. they sure come in handy in making the dress oh-so-versatile!

And.. if you want something that doesn't bare them shoulders too much, have a go at this one here. Just a little peek at the shoulders without overly exposing them. For the shy babes, have fun with this!

And don't forget the checks as well! Casual yet at the same time smart looking! And oh.. absolutely fab with the cincher can? *winks* and if you're still looking for cinchers, yes they have it for you too! Woot! Woot!

Head on to Doublewoot to check all these and more out!


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