Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mismatched post

Your all time favourite. Long cardigans! This must be the nth number of time she brought cardis in, can? and they always sell out! And I'm so guessing, pretty sure actually, this batch here, sill sell out too! So hurry and get yours already before it's too late!

SPOTTED: Pony Tales

Looks pretty much like all our basic spaghetti strapped tops but no.. check out the back! Sexy, can? And not only that, add on the little flowers seem to give it a taste of vintage, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Divas Fashionista

Look! A butterfly! Tee-hee. I know it's nothing extraordinary, but hey, I like simple basic stuff can? and what more when they come in white *grins* Ok, ok, I shall not go on about how white is the most fab colour ever, but yea, this tunic here? Looks fab with the butterfly design like that

SPOTTED: Vintage Auction

Their new collection of the week is up again! Who will get 'em? Who will be the new owner of this gorgeous piece? This is just one out of the ten babes! Hurry and submit your bids now!!!

SPOTTED: PinkGincu

More pixie like shoes for you! All laced up in yellow and good to go already. Tee-hee. Love it how it's peep toed, laced up with heels! Pixie shoes!!! *grins*


More laced up goodies. And these are laced up flats, can? oh my, lovely aren't they. It's crazy how the glads have evolved and now they even got laced up ones! Awesome!

SPOTTED: Koleksi Kuntum *Newbie*

Sempena Hari Raya.. ok, my BM is rusty so let's not attempt to blog in BM. Anyways, here they are offering to sew awesome designs on your clothes for the upcoming celebration! Well, even if it isn't meant for the celebration you can still get your goodies done cuz they look awesome!


Crazy about Forever 21 goodies?? Wanna know where they have a spree? All you need to do is visit:
and let them do the rest! *winks* Easy-peasey!

And don't forget tomorrow we not only have AMS' party but also this:

Hey Soak Republic's gonna be there! and many more of course *winks*


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