Friday, October 10, 2008

Pigskin lining and what it looks like???


More pictures for you lot on how pigskin lining looks like! The reader who informed me about this said that this was only noticeable after the white paint of the sole was worn off! Oh dear, that ain't such a nice way to find out about it huh?

And.. another reader noted that the three dots need not be in a triangle as sometimes they even appear in straight lines!

Do be alert, shoppers and e-shop owners alike to avoid misunderstandings and sour transactions. Happy shopping!


A certain e-shop owner brought this to my notice. And I thought hey, it would be great to alert the babes out there about this.

Recently there has been heaps of e-shops carrying shoes, particularly glads. And there were some complaints with regards to pig skin lining especially among the Muslim babes. And we know that the e-shop owners do not intentionally sell these, as some of them do not know of this issue till of late. Not to forget, even some of the suppliers are not aware of this issue!

I understand many refunds have been made, which was very understanding of the e-shop owners, despite their no refunds/exchanges rule. Which, hey is good service! Keeps the relationship between e-shop owner and customer good too.

Did a little googling and this is what I found:

Apparently, pig skin lining has group of 3 tiny circles/dots on 'em. So far, this is the most common indicator of what pig skin lining looks like. Apparently, this 3 little holes thingy have been appearing on a large number of shoes. As to whether this is true or not, I'm sorry, have yet to find out because most of the shoes are made of PVC kinda thing.

Anyhow, e-shop owners and customers, do be alert about this issue yea? And ohh.. do comment if you have any extra info!


Your sister in shopping


Anonymous said...

i have this issue.. the thing is the e-shop owner said that it's not pig skin lining and im not 100% confident. can anyone please comment on the issue.

Anonymous said...

hi there, i'm an e-shop owner and i just realized that my shoes have such holes but the supplier has personally guaranteed that they are not made out of pig skin. Do you mind clarifying it? because it might cause a big issue between us and the buyers :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

my supplier also told me that they are not made of pigskin. but since my customer isn't so comfortable with it, i have to refund.

i think pigskin lining are used for real leather shoes.

Anonymous said...

it's not necessary that pig skin will be used on real leather shoes.

sometimes it's used on not so expensive shoes. prolly not a big amount of it, but a small amount.

at the end of the day, even big or small amount,pig skin is pig skin.

even though supplier said tht it's not pig skin, i think it's best to trust the 3 dotted lining. the factory wouldn't put 3 dots there for nothing, right?

mel said...

nowadays pigskin lining seems to be fashion. you see them everywhere! topshop, aldo, zara etc.. you can't blame the factory for wanting to imitate them.

real pig skin lining has three dots that forms a triangle. true, it's usually used on not so expensive shoes but i don't think normal 50 ringgit shoes will use them. it's way too expensive.

that's why we don't see vincci and nose using them.

Anonymous said...

i dun think pig skin lining is a fashion tho. but i believe what pig skin can do, its sole is very comfy to ur feet. compared to normal pvc shoes and all, of course. that's why it's always a match for pig skin lining/sole when 3 dotted meets "wear tht pair of shoe whole day and feel no pain"

im not too sure abt vincci shoes but nose has some pig skin lining stuffs...usually wrapped and displayed at a section.

at the end of the day, it's the consumers choose what to believe anyways.

lyss said...

actually, pig skin is used because it's cheap. it saves cost

Anonymous said...

Hey hun,
what if my bag has dots all over it but not like 3separate dots. Is it pig skin?

no-no to pig skin said...

anonymous: yes! pig skin cound be anywhere!

and the 3 dots could be in triangle n also could be in a not so straight line..

check this for another clear shots of the 3 dots:

Anonymous said...

Dear all...
I'd like to clarify your concerns about pigskin leather.
The manufacturing and labor of pigskin leather is expensive.
Hence why only high-end & expensive brands uses pig skin lining.
Though pigskin can come cheap, it is still not that cheap to be used in shoes which cost just RM50.

The sources about all pigskin lining having 3triangular dots are not credible at all.
They are just information goggled and placed here.
They are merely assumptions made by others and it's up to us consumers if we want to believe the information given is true or not and from a reputable source.
Even Wikipedia is not considered a credible source.

Because these days, everything is possible to be imitated, there are possibilities of making things looking as though they were made from things we want to believe. Remember there are imitation products for everything. AAA++ grades things & etc.

The suppliers that sold the shoes to the e-shop owners have been running their business for years.
Moreover they are based in Malaysia, I'm sure they are bound to have Malay customers.

I believe the suppliers are not daft to lie about shoes being made from pigskin leather because this will jeopardize their business and name.

Anonymous said...

Hasil dari pemeriksaan JAKIM didapati didalam industri pembuatan kasut, bag, tali pinggang dll, selain pengunaan kulit, bahan PVC, plastik dan kain adalah antara bahan-bahan yang sering digunakan. Diantara bahan-bahan ini sering terdapat kekeliruan diantara bahan PVC, plastik dan kulit babi kerana ketiga-tiga bahan ini apabila dipandang secara mata kasar akan kelihatan tiga bintik pada permukaannya. Sebagai maklumat bersama, triple dot yang terdapat pada PVC dan plastik adalah dihasilkan oleh mesin, keadaannya tersusun dengan baik dan titiknya terhasil secara menegak iaitu hasilan secara titikan jarum, menegak dan tepat manakala triple dot yang terdapat pada kulit babi, keadaanya tidak tersusun, berselerak, permukaan lubangnya menyendeng tidak menegak seperti yang terdapat pada PVC,keadaan menyendeng ini seolah-olah lubang jarum yang dicucuk secara menyenget. Diharapkan dengan penjelasan ini, para pengguna tidak terus panik hanya apabila terlihat triple dot pada mana-mana permukaan kasut, beg, wallet dsb, semak dahulu apakah bahan itu adalah kulit babi yang sebenar berdasarkan bentuk triple dot yang kelihatan.nn

FTM said...

It is true that pigskin lining is indicated by the three dotted triangular pattern. However this does NOT mean that all three dotted triangular patterns are pigskin lining, there are also other form of leathers which are simply printed with that pattern for design purpose.

Idzani Johar said...

I came across this blog while googling for answers. my diary is made of leather with 3 dots and i was in doubt of using it. all i can say is its freakin stupid for manufacturers to put those 3 dots as style when all it does is cause confusion! but great post here miss. :) thanks.

Anonymous said...

i like in UK so pigskin lining is everywhere! i have managed to know how to tell the difference now. i dont think the 3rd pic in this entry ( ) is pigskin. however, the first 2 are.

u can check the shoe label/tag. if it says leather insole, its most probably pigskin. thats because any other source of leather would be too expensive for it to be put inside the shoe.

if it is synthetic, then u are save evn tho it look like it has 3 dots.

pigskin is not only used for shoe insoles nowadays. i've seen many on jackets, bag, belts.

shhh... said...

omg thank you so much for the information. I used to live in countries in asia and they always put a sign if there are any pigskin on shoes but this year I am in UK for further studies and I just found out about 4 days ago about the pigskin issue and found out all of my flat shoes that i bought since i was here has 3 of the criteria in the pictures u've shown. So thank God my friend send me a link of ur website . I simply stopped using those shoes now. & have to start a new collection of shoes.


Anonymous said...

Hi..i'm a blogshop owner and being work in a retail for a few years. and also being deal with the pigskin lining..actually from my experience, the real pig skin, the dots can't really be seen, and the dots is not event..there also man made like pig skin, which is 3 dots that really stay near with each other.From the picture above, the picture no 2 from top, its not a pig skin. the dots is emboss..but the third picture from top might be a pig skin coz it not even. And i also feel itchy when ever i touch the pig skin.. :)

s'madden said...

i just bought a sandal which i likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it so much,but since there a 3 dots which seem like a real pig skin so i already confius,btw its man made leather.since the price almost rm400,there a highest possibility its a pig skin rite?cz usually pig skin leather quite pricey.thinking of return it back soon...:(

A thingy a jigg said...

anything that has similar pattern of dots all over i just can't trust them anymore. so just be on the safe side and buy material which doesn't have those kinda stuff

Tiqa said...

I bought a belt from Forever 21 that has three dots in line/ not in line. Quite messy lah. But then it says there that its made out of 100% PU. I read your mind, what the F is PU? I researched a bit and its actually Polyurethane. PU is short for polyurethane. It is highly variable in composition and usually includes a mix of different materials. Check out wiki:

But heh, I'm still confused a bit.
Can use or cannot? :(


TenderBlush said...

I just saw this really nice steve madden shoe, and it says there in the description that its Leather sole, does that mean its from a pig skin too? Because from close, i saw dots too. But when i asked the sales person, she said its made of synthetic.

so which one is it? haih

Anonymous said...

THis stuff is seriously freaky and there are so many diffeerent ideas and opininons! Anyway I have many shoes that are like the 1st 2 pictures but I think Im gonna go with the sister who said 1 an 2 are man made becasue the dots are so close together. I cant believe that almost 90% of the muslim community will not be aware of these issues in the west at least. Its just not fair!

Anonymous said...

for being safe from this issue, i think we should not take the risk to buy the item if we see any dots on it (exceptional for polka dotted patterns, of course). there are plenty of choices, so why must we take the risk to buy the one which doubt us that much right?

this whole issue is very confusing since different sources say different things. the best we could do to help ourselves is just not to buy the things which appears to have any dots like we're warned.

in this case we should not blame anyone including the seller, their supplier, nor even the buyer itself. we're just suspicious to know what's right and what's wrong. so need not to blame anyone on this. and sellers and also suppliers should be honest to their buyers if its a pig skin. we don't have to lie, right?

and for Muslims, i think we should just follow what JAKIM says as posted by anonymous at the above post. they're trusted. and that's much safer :)

this is just my point of view. hope i offended no one. have a good day people :)

confused one said...

hey,so i was shopping for shoes at forever 21 and i saw this one shoe that i REALLY REALLY like.but then i saw that the lining has the three dots that they say pig skin has,so i didnt buy it.BUT when i go to the forever 21 website and see the detailed description of the shoe i like,it is stated that it is 100% synthetic(meaning made out of plastic).sooooo i am confused..then i went to the jakim link somebody put up and they say that not all three triangle dots is pig skin,so we r not to be freaking out.but im still hesitant.i wonder if the forever 21 could've been,maybe IT IS pig skin but they say it is someone help? ='[

this is the link to the shoe page on the website

diana.f said...

Was browsing through answers and found this blog. So far I have bought 3 items that has this suspicious 3 dots. One belt from MNG, one belt from Forever 21 and the latest is a boot also from Forever 21. I didn't realize the 3 dots until I got home.

The belts has 3 dots but in a straight lines. I've checked it with a cobbler who specialized in leather and all and he said it is only a type of PVC.

The latest boots I bought has 3 dots that formed a triangle. I was so shocked and pissed at myself because I was so mesmerized with the design that I didn't even bother to check the inside. Google and goggled, still unsure. And earlier today I brought it to the cobbler, and he said it does looks like a pig skin, but then he checked even further, he said it might be a man-made leather. Then he carved a bit of the lining with a knife and checked. He said THIS IS PVC, CONFIRM.
Why ? He told me that nowadays people like to imitate pig skin because when customers see pig skin on the inside, they'll get the idea that it will be soft and comfortable when wearing but the truth is it is just one of a machine-made material.
There is no way that cobbler wants to lie to me, it is not like I'm buying shoes from his shop. So yeah, if you have any doubts, go ask a cobbler, don't ask the owner of the shop because they might lie to you, so you'll buy their stuffs.

I'm so relieved!! I wish I could post photos here and show you guys, but I don't know how..

babyruffkins said...

hye :)
i am one of baby shoes fanatic & sooo damn concern about pig skin lining.
i've experienced buying online for baby shoes & bought this 1 shoes brand preschoolian (US brand) thru an online shop in msia & it cost about rm45. apparently it has 3 dots inside.
so i made a test to double confirm whether its a pig skin lining or not.
simple test:

use a needle & attach a thread on it. slowly burn the tip of the needle for few secs. then touch the hot needle to the "suspect" item. if it didn't crack/burned/ is PIG SKIN.
if it crack/burned/spoil/shrink is PVC.
to double confirm of the material, later i email the preschoolian & asked about the lining material. they confirmed using pig skin for its lining.
the other kids shoes using pigskin is little blue lamb (LBL).
i've done similar test on other "suspect" material & it crack/spoil/shrink once i touched the hot needle on it.

but plz do this test in small spot that invisible la.koz if it is burned, at least not so visible :)

hope my 2 cents experiments help.
oh ya...actually i get this idea from google but i don't remeber the link.
plz share with ur friends & family.

Anonymous said...

hello everybody!
to be certain of things...PLEASE READ THE LABEL on/inside/box the shoes/bags/whatever. manufacturer won't lie. if it's synthetics, it is labelled as a diamond. if it's pigs skin, they'll labelled them as that of leather. it's the law to put on a label, by the way.
the body of shoes are normally be prick as dots to regulate air circulations.
so, it's worth to check the symbols.hope this helps :-)