Thursday, September 18, 2008


A check pinafore? Ooo.. this one really is going back to school in a pinafore, no? *giggles* Especially with that uber adorablebow at the front there? who wouldn't like it already?


Just when you thought Mary Janes were the old school thing and only for goody two shoes, wait till you have a look at this. ha! Goody two shoes? I don't think so! The Mary Janes have taken a notch higher and transformed into these!

SPOTTED: Little Winged One

More shoes! Yellow peep toe flats! I mean suddenly everything we see are sunshine yellow? Even shoes? *giggles* Happy, happy! Happy shoes? *winks*

SPOTTED: Favourite Boutique

Ohh.. what's that? a rose? Yes. It's a rose brooch *grins* haven't seen something like this before. Have you? Anyhow, I think this is like such a classy add on to your outfit!

SPOTTED: Quadruple Queen

Look who else brought in kimono inspired goodies? There seems to be heaps around as of late, can? they're chiffon as well too. how about that eh? *giggles*


Your sister in shopping

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