Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shirts4Real Launch @ Positive Cafe

Remember I like went to this launch a week ago? Well, last Friday to be exact because they brought in a whole new batch of t-shirt designs with the theme illuminate. And it was fab! Let's have pictures to do the talking shall we?

Creativity is definitely a huge role in their design and presentation. See the middle row? That's their new theme: Illuminate

And you get friendly receptionist who hand you goodie bags! There were even some who had a chance at lucky draw can? I wasn't so lucky =(

This one here is a limited edition design! Each tee is individually numbered!

For the ladies

For the men. Realised for every design, there is a story behind it too? So meaningful, can?

There was even performance by Mia Palencia! A local singer/artist/director whose songs rock your socks off babes! Like whoa..

See those happy faces? Cuz we're all so amazed by the performance and the story behind Shirts4Real!

Yummy refreshments for all those who attended the launch

Selling goodies over the counter and they even got their own bags!

And there you have it, the founders (on the right) attending to an interiew session and they are students! Who had a vision and definitely a strong passion to not only make tees, but meaningful tees that will send out a positive message to both wearers and the society

So how's that for a tee, eh? Definitely a reason to buy it, own it and wear it proud. Now if you wanna get some, no worries! You can order it online here: Shirts4Real

There you have it. Shirts4Real: Real shirts. Real lives.


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