Saturday, September 20, 2008

SPOTTED: Ancient Orchids

This babe has gone wild with the kimonos again! This time she brings you six different designs, that's right, six totally different designs that are sure to blow you off your feet. Whether you like simple hues like this or brighter colours, she has got it all for you!

SPOTTED: Simply Pretty Things

Lots of cute shorts for you lot babes! Available in different colours and you'll have a blast choosing! That is while stocks last of course, I see like two colours that are sold out already! So hurry! Chop, chop and head on over now!

SPOTTED: Lacquer & Lace

More boots? Ankle length boots mind you. A tad bit pricey compared to the usual shoes we see but hey, I'd say it's definitely worth every cent. It isn't everyday you find yummy-licious shoes like these! I like so wanna own a pair already! Like boots are so my thing!

SPOTTED: Bunny Noo

You know it when you see hoodies, she's been bringing them in since, I don't know, the beginning?! And yes, she has more! the famous faces are even printed on hoodies now. Woot! isn't that fab? Come, come, take your pick!

SPOTTED: A Fashion Story *Newbie*

And yes, another one for 'em accessories! More butterflies is that? *winks* Come on, this one is perfect especially if your name starts with a D! *giggles* Or your darling's name starts with D? Well, it doesn't matter but you get where I'm heading aight?


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