Saturday, September 13, 2008

SPOTTED: Bebel Nina

Ruffles and off shoulder, you know they are the IN thing now, no? *winks* you see them on like all the dresses and tops, like everywhere! So have you got yours yet?


Get a little traditional with batik why don't you? A satin silk top/dress piece that allows you to wear this creatively by styling it the way you want to. Kinda reminds you of a pario, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Doublewoot

Go crazy with swirls with this maxi @__@ Tee-hee. 'em maxi dresses are definitely still around. So, add this to your collection? I know you want to. Limited edition too babes, so don't wait!

SPOTTED: Funk Shop 55 *Newbie*

Ruffle it up babes! Yes, they are even on 'em working clothes as well now. Tee-hee. See, even the newbies brought 'em in, so you have to get your hands on one already alright?

SPOTTED: Sugar & Spice

The eyelet tubes are still around? Oh my, and I thought they went extinct already! Because they look oh-so-dainty, can? especially with the ribbon sash too *giggles* It should be called that sweet thang.. no?

SPOTTED: Kissss and Tell

See that tube dress and that ribbon cincher? It doesn't come together, nope. But.. they are selling both! That's the fab bit for it. I especially like the ribbon cincher here. Looks so pretty, something different from the really fierce ones we've been seeing, no?


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