Friday, September 5, 2008

SPOTTED: Giggles Wuggy *Newbie*

If there were anything for the most cute e-shop name, this e-shop would definitely be the one. Tee-hee. A touch of butterfly sleeves on a mini dress, or make it a tunic? What say you? It'll definitely be something in between for me, so it goes both ways. Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Enchanting Hearts

Vests galore. That cute vest with the Peter Pan collar is back! I Wonder who started the collar, because it sells real awesome, can? like every apparel with this collar always sells out! Woot!

High waisted shorts going for only RM 39! Hurry, hurry, and get yours today! Nothing fanciful, just your plain average shorts with 3 buttons instead of one! *giggles* you sure don't wanna miss out on this alright

SPOTTED: The Attire's Attic

Another waist cincher? A red one too. Yummy! It's like I only have one, and so need some more in other colours, can? Oo.. I better start looking through my own entries to find them. Tee-hee


Would you believe it, a denim vest? Wow. This one looks real fashionable, no? Like I mean, denim never goes out of style and when made into a vest, what more can you say but I'ma loving it!

SPOTTED: The Closette

High waisted skirt for you lot. You know, it's amazing how her goodies sell out all the time! I mean, whoa... but then again, why wouldn't it when she brings you goodies like these you can't resist. Hurry to place your orders before they sell out, again!

SPOTTED: Sugerkins

Another kimono dress for your collection. Oh did I like mention the sexy back? yes, you have to check it out, because once you do, you'll fall in love and fight for that piece already! *grins*

Your sister in shopping

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