Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This one here sure is one sweet dress, no? Notice the sweet details embroidered towards the hemline there? This little number here is sure gonna be your next favourite dress for the outings that are to come! *giggles* better grab 'em before they run out of stock now!

SPOTTED: SheriShopie

Oh look, they got little shells encased in theearrings there, how cool is that now? *grins* I know! These here sure are something fancy! And only going for RM 3?!?! STEAL IT BABES! I don't know when else you'll come across such fab bargains!

SPOTTED: Miss.Glamm *Newbie*

OMG, like everyone is going on the headband craze, no? Thanks to Queen B from Gossip Girls, this is a brand new fashion revolution! And we sure do dig her style, no? *winks* Personally I'm more of a Serena fan, but the again, all their styles are so gorgeous, it's hard to pick your favourite!

SPOTTED: Autumn Closet

Just when you thought you can't possibly find another two-toned dress, here's one for you! And tis one is halter style as well! *grins* Really love how the colour plays out, no? Simple classic black on the top and striking yellow at the bottom. Fab match!


Sweet dainty roses on a necklace like this one sure will look good with that evening gown already, no? And the best part of all is, it doesn't have to be a necklace. Make it a bracelet or an anklet, up to you! They would be more than glad to customize the same exact design just for you *winks*

SPOTTED: Becharm

Tired of plain coloured goodies? Throw some zest into your everyday life with this colourful tote! Looks like plenty of fashionistas shopping in this one to me, what say you? *giggles* Anyhow, the colour match with this bag is definitely something to shout about, no?


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