Sunday, September 21, 2008

SPOTTED: The Pin Cushion

Look who else is bringing in vintage goodies! That's right, it's the craze now, even hotter than the maxi dresses trend, no? *giggles* this one here is a real sweet pea with all the little flowers. Like so petite and demure in its own sense already, can?

SPOTTED: Cat in a Bowl

More maxi dresses for you! This time it's satin. Ooo.. lovely.. and yes even more floral prints. Say, aren't we seeing floral prints everywhere now?! And this piece sure is perfect for the festive season's that's round the corner, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Sugar & Spice

More satin! Where simplicity is at work. Nothing too flourishing, just a simple piece but hey the colour and material of this one here makes up for it and makes it all so classy once more *giggles*

SPOTTED: French Kiss

This sure ain't your average tube top alright. With the pinstripes, the cute buttons, the tulip hemline AND the attached waist cincher for it? This surely is like a whole top all accessorised for you already *winks*

SPOTTED: The Closetz Galore

What a sweet piece this one is with cherries all over it. and ohh.. fancy tying a bow like that with a halter top? Simply genius! *giggles* Looks fab I must say. Whether you like it in a white background or a black one, they have got both for you!


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