Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kimono tops/dresses, here's the place to be when you need some alright! Now she bring you more chiffon pieces and they look awesome, no? Especially with it being all flowy *grins*

SPOTTED: The Closette

Starry, starry night one some hot shorts! Wear 'em out, show off those toned legs or wear 'em to bed, comfy definitely! Comes in all sorts of colours as well, so have a blast taking your pick!

SPOTTED: Velvet Ribbon

They have their signature pose and now they have their signature design as well! Here they bring you another one of their oh-so-famous tulle dresses! Inspired by Marc Jacobs, can? now how about that eh? Better hurry up to send in your order if you want your hands on a piece!

SPOTTED: Rockstar Chic

An off shoulder floral piece like this? awesome! Especially because it's long sleeved, not overly exposed, just a teaser too! Tee-hee. Perfect, can?

SPOTTED: A'xteqs

More vintage dresses? Here's more! at first glance you'll see that this is just a plain dress but look closer! There is a rose printed at the front of the dress, can?


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