Tuesday, September 16, 2008

SPOTTED: Reseller.box

Looking for some Zara goodies babes? Well guess what, they're available here at an absolutely affordable price! This cropped cardi is only retailing for RM 55! For a Zara piece of goodies, that's fab!

SPOTTED: Garde-Robe

Have you ever seen such a cute tee? "Meat balls" this one is called and guess what? It's available to you for a whooping RM 20 only! *grins* How fab a deal is that for something this cute? *giggles*

SPOTTED: C-stylish

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker is only one of the many other genuine perfumes that they carry. Not only so, they're cheaper and prices are even inclusive of postage! Imagine getting perfume for less than RM 200! Here's where you can do so!

SPOTTED: Simply Pretty Things

Now we all can never get enough of shorts, no? Especially black shorts because hey, they are like super versatile, can? and they definitely do not cost a bomb as well. Looking good here, wanna get some already?


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