Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SPOTTED: The Shoplifters

Never missing their schedule on this one, they bring in yet another brand new collection! This time with 'em puffy sleeves on a satin dress. Check out the lovely floral motifs on this one can? Totally adorable!

SPOTTED: Wearsandwhatnots

Very kimono-like, no? And not only so, there's ribbon sash that allows you to tie it at the front or even at the back! you get to choose how to wear it of course *grins* Liking it that it's so casual and somewhat formal as well!

SPOTTED: Kisssss and Tell

There is some real cute cicnhers. Perfect for a match on the dress for you lot who aren't looking for something so fierce, can? *winks* And oh, they're bringing in more shoes?! Better stay tuned to their webbie alright!


Like every girl needs spags, and we all need a lacy one as well *giggles* Just because *winks* And why not grab it when the price is fab?! It isn't everyday you get a bargain like this one

SPOTTED: Like, Seriously

A striped denim mini skirt eh? Fancy that! And you know how denim miniskirts are always so versatile not to mention it never goes out of style! So what are you waiting for?!


Your sister in shopping

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