Saturday, September 20, 2008

SPOTTED: Velvet Ribbon

Trust them to bring you all the yummy shoes! More pixie shoes! And they're already being reserved, can? You wanna get your hands on some of these black and white goodies? Then you better hurry! I did warn you on this aight.


And more branded goodies as well! How about a racerback dress? Ahh..
from Old Navy, this one here is a simple dress and yet fits many occasions, no? Get one for yourself already! Last I checked, there were still stocks!

SPOTTED: Quadraple Queen

How cute are those mock croc totes? Especially when they come in wide selection of colours like so. Tee-hee. Oh.. it turns into a sling bag as well? Ahh.. versatile bags here we come!

SPOTTED: My Shopping Spree II

How's that for a tulip skirt? With a little sort of bow (?) at one if the sides too. not your usual one layer but more than that. ahh.. like a mermaid they say, eh?

SPOTTED: Sugerkins

More statement tees! And I thought they were just all about kimono inspired goodies! Nope, they even brought in tees now. This one here says it's all about me. hmm.. any takers? *winks*


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