Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SPOTTED: Violetpots *Newbie*

More batwing goodies! And yes, it's a minidress with a gold flecked band as well. Now, that is something sweet, short and sexy, no? *giggles* accentuating the waist and slimming down those arms, perfect to enhance the figure already with this one here!

SPOTTED: Wardrobe Memories *Newbie*

For y'all vintage lovers out there, here's another one where you can head over too to fill up your closet already! Yes, even vintage comes with dual toned goodies like this one here. Mm.. some bumble bee feature we see her, no? *grins* and how cute, an old fashioned telly eh?

SPOTTED: The Closetz Galore

That's a mighty big bow on e a tube top no? *grins* but hey, this one definitely stands out alright! A simple satin bow on a tube top. Letting the top do the accessorizing and you can go plain with this already! No need to search for that necklace to match it with!


The babe is back. And back with heaps of Aussie goodies alright! Like this one here, a V-neck/trapeze top that is braided at the neckline. Ahh.. fancy that! what more it hot shocking pink! Woot! Go Barbie! *giggles* and yes, not restockable, so you know what to do already babes!

SPOTTED: Fabulousity Boulevard

Hey, more goodies! And a sweet yellow sundress with plenty of floral motifs on it. mm.. loving it already? Doesn't matter if it ain't summer. You can wear this all year long when you live in Malaysia! That's what we love best about it, no? *winks*


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