Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another maxi dress! And hey, doesn't this look similar to the one they brought in before? And now they have another one, in a different shade! Hurry to get yours now before it gets sold out again! Especially when it comes with such a fab price!

SPOTTED: De Chenice Boutique

Looking for simple skirts? If you're tired of the patterns on the top, try something with more patterns at the lower half instead of the upper half babes! Something like these are sure to be pretty with that basic top you got alright! These are just 3 out of designs they have babes!

SPOTTED: Be Modeliciouz

Looking for that kimono dress which is plain and simple? Here's just the thing for you. Well, if you don't want black, there are other colours available for you as well! Check 'em out!

SPOTTED: Shossaholics!

Hey, look, more pixie shoes! Ok, ok, they're called Oxfords but pixie shoes sound way, way cuter, no? *grins* they seem to be the next gladiators, no? Hurry and get yours before they sell out!! I did warn ya

SPOTTED: Kissss and Tell

Another corset top? With pleats and a cute little bow at the back too! Awesome, babes! In hot chilli red, yummy, yummy! Better get your hands on one quick yea? *winks*


Reviews will resume tomorrow night due to full day classes. Sobs! Till then...


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Anonymous said...

can show more leggings or opqaue tights? I try to find but mostly all sold out already.