Saturday, October 25, 2008

E-shop of the Week: The Colour Theory

Is it me or are the updates pretty slow this week? The sales too. hmm.. wonder what's up with that?

SPOTTED: The Colour Theory

Now the thing about this e-shop is that they carry all the colours in the world! From dresses, to tube tops to anything!

Let's start and have a look see!

Colours are so their thing! I mean like check out this kimono inspired dress and this cardi here! The colours are absolutely stunning isn't it babes? Woot!

And for more basic goodies, check out these range of tube tops! Nearly every possible colour to match with anything, can?!

Or fancy some high waisted shorts as well? They too, come in awesome colours for you to choose from! That's what their aim is, to bring colours to your wardrobe!

Have a little more mix and match and you'll get a vest, a cropped jacket and even a BF shirt! Isn't it awesome to see so many different goodies in so many different colours?!

Plus, they have more than just clothes of course! Leggings, shoes and even bags are included in their e-shops as well! Woot! That sure is fab!


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