Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Omg, so many updates!

I was like happily typing the reviews and the e-mails just keep coming! O.o

SPOTTED: Chamber of Babylon

Fake eyelashes! Do you love these? Honestly, I've never had them before so I got no clue, but hey isn't it great that not only do they sell it, they also provide you tutorials on how to wear and maintain it? check them out!

SPOTTED: Vibrant Swirls

Ahh.. if it isn't another one for the gold and black combo with some floral goodies! Sure reminds me of some oriental touch though, don't you think so too? *grins*

SPOTTED: Ultimate Dazzle

Now time for some tees! Fancy a little bling on them? Well, there you have it now babes! Woot! Now een our tees are carrying some bling. Tee-hee.

SPOTTED: Charming Pieces

Hey, this babe is now allowing you to pick and choose the charms for your earrings! There is even a range of hooks you can choose from too! Awesome! Get some done today!

SPOTTED: A Model Studio

I thought this was a rather smart looking top but wait! It's actually a dress!! Awesome isn't it? I think so! It's such a smart looking mini dress!

SPOTTED: Little McQueen

Oh.. I like this! Not only because it is such a rare colour but also because the design is awesome! Feels all fairy-ish with this one here already, can? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Sasha Vintage

All you lace lovers out there. check this one out! Woot! you know what, it reminds me of a wedding dress! A traditional one! Tee-hee. Isn't that gorgeous babes?!

SPOTTED: Minipose

Talking about plaids being the in thing now, check this one out! It's in the classic red background and it does remind me of Christmas, no? Tee-hee. I sure love Christmas and it's near!


Or.. would you like to have it on just a skirt? One that reminds you of a cheerleading skirt that is. tee-hee. Sure is cute this one and available in other colours too!

SPOTTED: Buckle Buckle

OMG, a moo moo purse! So uber cute can die and go to heaven dot com. Tee-hee. Ok, that was too dramatic but yea, to think you can have cute cows on these? Totally cool!

SPOTTED: Dwotties

OMG, another food range! She sure makes me hungry even at a time like this! *giggles* And they are so detailed as well. Wouldn't you like some already?

SPOTTED: Pink Gincu

Pink and layered this one is. And it sure looks funky, can? pair it up with those skinnies and leggings already and be ready to party in this one here!

SPOTTED: Jujuwiwitata

More vests! And now for some denim kind as well too *grins* we sure are going in style aren't we babes?! Fancy one? Then hurry and place your order before they're gone!


Ooo.. a tube dress with bow and pleats. How pretty! And it isn't in the usual black as well. Ahh.. time to hit prom with a different colour this year, no? *grins*


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