Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Privileges for A Shopaholic’s Den’s Readers

Nope, not discounts. Not freebies either. This is something very different from the usual privileges and you'll see why

This time round, you're all invited to attend Miss Sixty's Autumn Winter Collection 08 Fashion Show! Uh-huh, all you gotta do is mention you're a guest of A Shopaholic's Den and you're entitled to free entry. And yes, age limit does apply still

The event is tonight, 11 p.m. onwards at Space Dance Floor Odyssey, 28-32, Jalan Doraisami (on the Heritage Row) 50350 KL.

Ain't that fab? *winks* Short notice, but hey, Miss Sixty's fashion show? Come on, head on downtown already! Woot!


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