Friday, October 17, 2008

SPOTTED:A Chic Store

Something like this can be formal or casual, considering that you can wear this top off shoulder as well! Isn't that great?! Something for both work and play! Totally versatile babes!


Skinny belts anyone? If cincher ain't your thing, then this one here might just be. Or could it be you fancy both? *grins* we never get enough of clothes and the accessories to come with it, no?

SPOTTED:Tasty Cherry Chapstick

There they go again with more shoes! Now with yellow peep toe sling backs? *gasp* is like yellow the new black or something cuz I've been seeing yellow shoes a plenty!

SPOTTED:Favourite Boutique

More BF shirts? More plaid ones that is. Fold up the sleeves, or not. Depending on how you like it, this one here is sure to be as comfy as the BF's shirt (literally) itself!


And more puffy sleeved goodies. Oh, this one here? Comes with an obi belt as well! How awesome! Looks like not only the kimonos are making a hit but so are the obis! Woot!


More plaid goodies! Ooo.. this one here is buttoned halfyway only. Mm.. allows for a sexier cut to fit those curves baby! *grins* Totally the BF shirt meant for the GF!

SPOTTED: Round Bean

More accessories! Like OMG, they are coming in by the dozens it's gonna compete with the number of e-shops selling clothes already! This glass pendent sure is pretty isn't it? And the length of the necklace is totally adjustable as well!

SPOTTED: Charming Pieces

Well if it isn't another piece of accessory! One for the mobile phone that is. Sweet little butterfly charm there as well *giggles* So cute, can? Want it? Hurry to place an order!


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