Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hey there, another spanking new creation si it? and do they look awesome or what? Looks like they have been producing more so that you ladies can get your hands on some instead of everyone fighting for that one unique piece! Even so, numbers are rare!

SPOTTED: A Fashion Story

Tee-hee. They are the cutest pair of earrings ever, can? Two little whales (what a cliché!) with smiley faces! *giggles* and yes, they are brass as well. OMG, they're just so cute you wanna stare at 'em and grin yourself silly already!

SPOTTED: Pick-n-Match

This reminds me somewhat of a tux, no? Anyhow, it's real classy and sexy if I may say so. The satin material and the bow there? *winks* Very smart looking indeed, no? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Ancient Orchids

Ahoy, matey! Go along with this cropped jacket here and check out the big buttons! So uber cute can? and not to forget those collars there? ahh.. aren't they awesome already? *winks* limited pieces!

SPOTTED: A'xteqs

More vintage dresses! And I'm surprised it hasn't been sold out yet because these goodies never stay long for sale ya know. They just go poof! And you were like oh nn, i missed it again?!


Warm knitted cardi for the rainy days? I don't know if I'm falling ill or not but the rainy days are sure getting to me alright. Something like this is definitely very handy!

SPOTTED: Maybellycia

More clutches! And they sure are handy with the many pockets they come along with, no? *grins* The whole mock croc skin outer layer for that extra classy tough. Ahh.. awesome!

SPOTTED: Kidz Oasis *Newbie*

Yes, they sell kids clothes and no, not only kids clothes. They got clothes and accessories for the entire family! How fab is that? and you can get some yummy Dr Martens boots here too *winks*

SPOTTED: Wearsandwhatnots

More maxi dresses? That's right! Like you so cannot get enough of 'em already can? Tee-hee. Officially cannot remember the first maxi dress I saw and I doubt this is the last one too!

SPOTTED: Lovely Pastel

Go retro with this red and white polka dot dress! *giggles* isn't it the cutest thing ever? Sort of like a ladybug just really cute and very retro in style!

SPOTTED: Fashionista Love Spell

More off shoulder goodies! And it comes with cute buttons as well too? Tee-hee. Cuteness! And it sure looks uber comfy too. very ideal for the weather now, no? *brr...*

SPOTTED: Lacquer & Lace

Pretty in yellow? Imagine dancing with this one here. Sure is gonna look good when you're swaying, no? *winks* I sure think so. And yellow is sure to attract attention, especially on the dance floor!


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