Thursday, October 2, 2008

SPOTTED: Dwotties

More clay goodies! Now they even extended to yummy goodies? Mm.. these charms sure look good enough to eat, no? Love the details on this small little cute charms already! *giggles* And she remakes them as well, so no worries about missing out and all!

SPOTTED: Lovely Paper Doll *Newbie*

Now that's a real sweet tote, no? Sweet pink sakuras all over this one here. Sure makes you look trendy and pretty all at the same time! *giggles* Especially with the wooden handles there, sure is durable and not to worries about tearing the handles and what nots when the load gets too heavy!

SPOTTED: Pets Avenue *Newbie*

Now not only can you dress up, you can dress up your lovely doggies as well too! Ooo.. cuteness! And if you find something similar you can so synchronize outfits with your pet already, no? Hmm.. turning your doggie into a princess just like how Paris Hilton did? *grins*


Ahh.. another off shoulder mini dress *grins* Sure is sexy, no? I love how they combine the sleeves and the off shoulder where you can flaunt it without over exposing. That's such a fab combo isn't it? good for casual outings and even events itself! Head off to the latest party with this one here already!

SPOTTED: Absolutely Irresistible

Go back old school style with this polka dot piece here. Subtle but nevertheless stunning in every way. A simple tube dress like this one is a necessity in every closet, no? *winks* only one piece thoush. So the luck babe gets it! Hurry along now


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