Sunday, October 19, 2008


Tantalizing your taste buds, she has made more creations based on yummy-licious food! Fruit cake, can? Omg, and they are so detailed too. how cute to have miniature yummy goodies like these!

SPOTTED:Trendy Hunt

More plaid goodies are in store for you! You really don't wanna miss out on this versatile piece here babes. A tube dress? A skirt? Oh, just go along and experiment already!

SPOTTED:My Dress Space

More colour blocks. Yes, they have indeed gone from dual toned to tri-colors now haven't they? And they look fab,. Really emphasizes the height and the figure now, no? *winks*


A butterfly sleeved top? And with fruits motif in the middle? Wow.. sure is gonna make it a happy day now isn't it? tee-hee. Btw, did I read it wrongly? It's going for RM 10!!


Hearty hoodie indeed this one is. Look at the hearts all over this one here *giggles* just says how much you're all lovey dovey, no? Or.. it could be just that you love hearts. Who doesn't?!

SPOTTED: Hello Fashionista

The striped sling bag can be transformed into a clutch as well! How awesome is that now babes? *grins* Surely something like this will come in handy, in like every occasion?! Woot!


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