Wednesday, October 8, 2008

SPOTTED: Fairytastic *Newbie*

I think, there is like a cardi featured on a daily basis, no? *grins* Check out this one in black and white stripes! It even comes with a row of cute buttons and pockets! Ooo.. very handy, no?

SPOTTED: Handmade Tiny Thoughts

It's been so long since I visited their site, my bad! And they sure have some uber cute accessories lined up for you! This one here, handbag charm, my most favourite accessory of all time! sure is gonna look awesome on bags already, can?

SPOTTED: Ministry of Clothes

This top here, was featured in Cleo, can? OMG! How cool is that? retailing for RM 59, you can now get your hands on some for only RM 45! Woot! isn't that a fab deal? *winks*

SPOTTED: Rainbowmallows

Checked goodies! They seem to be hitting all the big brands, can? And now they are hitting all the e-shops. Well, to keep to the trend of the mo, no? *winks* but of course, way less costly!

SPOTTED: Shop Like A Celebrities

Ooo.. leopard print hoodie eh? Rawr! This one sure is gonna show off the wild side of you while keeping you warm. Cliché, no? *winks* but then again, who's to judge?

SPOTTED: A Fashion Story

More brass goodies! This one here features a little birdie there. Aww.. I'm like so falling in love with all the cute things already. Tee-hee. Limited in number, so grab it while its there!


This one here, is a one piece! OMG, isn't that like the most fantabulous offer ever? And it was even featured in Elle UK! Woot! Fancy that! Get your hands on some already! I foresee it being sold out, like uber fast!

SPOTTED: Lacquer & Lace

Check out those mighty boots in white! Ooo.. all laced up and gold buckles? Rawr! Sexy-licious, no? Get yourself a pair already! While stocks are still available. Don't they just always bring in the coolest shoes? *winks*

SPOTTED: Jolly Dolly

Flowers and more flowers! Plenty of floral designs available for you lot and they always come in the most beautiful form of all, tube dresses! *giggles* bet you have plenty already, no? Well, one more wouldn't hurt!

SPOTTED: Pinkylixiouz *Newbie*

Cap sleeves! I remember there was once when they were the rage, can? OMG, like they were everywhere! And they haven't gone obsolete, thankfully. Cuz, they are uber cute!

SPOTTED: Evacaely

Doesn't this look familiar? *grins* Yes, they now have one in white, or well, clear beads that is. With similar charms and such, this one here sure is eye catching, no?

SPOTTED: Clothesville

And a cute little clutch to end the post with. Classic black, perfect for any kinda events, no? *winks* and it sure does look dainty and definitely something different from the usual long ones we see

Or so I thought was the end of the post..

SPOTTED: Daisy Dressy *Newbie*

More batik maxi dresses! I'm seeing so many I can't remember one from the other cuz my eyes are turning swirly wirly! Tee-hee. Do check them out if you missed out your chance on some batik maxis!

SPOTTED: Think Sexi

And more bags! A sling bag? Yes. But.. it can also be shortened to be a slighlty longer than usual shoulder bag as well too! How versatile can? *giggles*


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