Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another pair of earrings with fairies? Aww.. that sure is sweet. Is it me or lately there has been a lot of earrings with fairies eh? Tee-hee. Totally cute

SPOTTED: Nufael Boutique *Newbie*

Charmbracelets! The designs are countless. And yet, they always look so good! *grins* and this one is with cute little bag charms too. Are you a handbag fan babes?

SPOTTED: Fashion Splash *Newbie*

A gold clutch eh? I'm pretty sure it will be great matched with the LBD! Or actually doesn't gold go pretty much with anything? *grins* Hmm.. I'd think so!

SPOTTED: Peaches and Pixies

Tri-colour goodies, here they come more! You know something, we really need more green dresses. They are so hard to find! This one here sure is rare! Get it already!

SPOTTED: Soak Republic

Ooo.. pretty! They remind me of those Chinese buttons on the cheongsam can? Tee-hee. And they look gorgeous! Totally love how it is dual toned and all

SPOTTED: Jasz's Jewelry Box

And yes, another charmbracelet. Feel like a princess with this one complete in pink with heart, crown and butterfly! *giggles* totally cute isn't it? perfect for pink fans!


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